Use of Funds

Why are we starting to raise funds now?

We have successfully developed a data labeling platform for PWDs to work as an AI trainer for Vulcan during the last two years.
We can prove that PWDs have a high potential for employment in the AI business by employing 600 PWDs at Vulcan.
We have accumulated over 4,000-hour voice data sets and are starting additional image data sets and more data labeling platforms.
We successfully created the world's first AI that was entirely taught by people with disabilities. We have completed the trial and error process to determine whether or not our business is viable. We have a terrific platform, great 600+ AI trainers, smart AI models, and 50+ large business partners who are ready to become customers. It's a perfect time to take our company to the next level.
We anticipate the following outcomes from this round of We anticipate the following outcomes from this round of fundraising:
  • Begin expanding our AI scientist team in order to develop more AI models in order to keep up with our data set expansion pace.
  • Scaling the PWD workforce; we do not want to only rely on our quota partners to support us with PWD workforces. We create a new win-win acquisition model that is independent of quota partners.
  • There are many more possible data sets awaiting our attention, such as 3D object classification, image segmentation, and so on. We wish to improve our data labeling platform so that it can handle additional data sets.
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