Vulcan Data Decentralized Unit (VDDU)
In Thailand, more than 100,000 PWDs are looking for job opportunities, However the limitation of the PWDs hiring quota according to regulation and transportation barriers obstruct PWDs from entering the labor market.
Vulcan has been utilizing the regulation that mandates all companies with more than 100 employees to hire 1 PWDs in the proportion of 1:100. This year we partner with 56 companies and accumulate 600 PWDs hiring quotas. We passionately propel to expand job opportunities to at least 10,000 PWDs across Thailand, although it is impossible to accomplish the ambitious vision by solely relying on PWDs hiring quotas.
Therefore, we invent the innovative hiring model by leveraging the blockchain technology and decentralization ideology in order to distribute the impartiality compensation calculated with the workpiece they have produced.The model was called ‘Vulcan Data Decentralized Unit (VDDU)’

Blockchain Technology

To prove the high quality of the work that PWDs have accomplished, we created a compensation plan using blockchain technology. They will be rewarded with Vulcan tokens based on the amount and quality of data sets they manage. These data will then be utilized to construct an AI model. This procedure is known as Proof of Data Quality.

Decentralization Ideology

To manage tens of thousands of PWDs across Thailand, we need a management approach that allows us to scale easily and adaptably. We believe in the decentralization ideology, which is the idea of establishing one self-reliant node that can manage a number of PWDs in the local region. Once the master node has been designed and evaluated, we will be able to clone master node to various locations around Thailand (or even the world). Optimization will be tested and tried on the master node, and once shown to work, we will be able to easily replicate that optimization node to all existing nodes. Each node is autonomous, self-sufficient, and mobile, yet they can be closely linked together in the form of a franchise model.