About Vulcan Coalition

The adventure of Vulcan Coalition began in 2020 when our two co-founders, one is an expert in the AI industry, the other in people with disabilities (PWDs), met and shared their experiences with each other. They both then discovered opportunities to solve the pain points of their own working fields. Nowadays, the AI industry in Thailand is lacking in data labeling workers while lots of Thai PWDs are still looking for employment. Thus, Vulcan Coalition was founded with the objective of both developing new innovative AI technologies and improving the quality of life of PWDs.
In Thailand, there are approximately 820,000 PWDs of working age. However, only 30% of them have a job, while 70% or around 500,000 PWDs remain unemployed and must rely on a monthly disability allowance which is, unfortunately, not sufficient to cover their basic costs of living. One of the main reasons for this high unemployment rate is a slight understanding of PWDs’ conditions and limitations which causes the difficulty to find decent jobs.
According to neuroscience research, we surprisingly found that some PWDs have special abilities that would help them work faster than non-PWDs. For example, blind people have a better hearing perception than sighted people due to their brain rewiring phenomenon which enhances their auditory sensory to compensate for the visual loss. In other words, blind people are able to work in the audio section more productively than general workers on the condition that they are provided with appropriate assistance allowing them to show their full potential.
Read more about Brain Rewiring Theory and Neuroplasticity.
Regarding the AI industry, although it is now rapidly growing, this technology still needs numerous data in order to improve its quality and efficiency. As a result, the position of data labeler (aka AI trainer) is highly demanded in this field to produce various forms of high-quality training data, such as voice, image, and text, for the AI machine learning process.
Therefore, Vulcan Coalition aims to bring solutions to these 2 fields by using the strengths of the other. We offer career opportunities in data labeling to PWDs, not because of our feeling of sympathy, but because of their high working potential. This model will not only allow PWDs to earn income and improve their quality of life but also develop AI innovation and drive the AI ​​industry further.

Vulcan Quick Tour

Got 34 minutes? Watch the Vulcan Coalition film to learn more about our PWDs' ability to advance the AI industry:
*Thank you Secret Sauce for the great introduction video.
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