Vulcan Platforms
The Backbone Technology for Enhancing PWDS Productivity
Accessible Technology is a critical tool for unlocking PWDs physical limitation. Vulcan development team including blind and asperger syndrome developers dedicate to specially design the platform which all types of PWDs in our working pool could fluently access and perform their task in a proficient way.
Vulcan develops 5 platforms for upskilling and managing the workforce as well as controlling the high quality data set. These infrastructures are the backbone platform preparing Vulcan to handle the scaling number of workforce. Purpose and function of our platforms including Value, Unity, Linkage,Collab and Academy will be described in further details.

Award-Winning Platform

In the year 2020, Vulcan's platform was Microsoft for Accessibility's winner.
Microsoft brings global ‘AI for Good’ initiative to Thailand to inspire positive local impact for all
In the year 2021, Vulcan's platform was recognized as Thailand's "National Innovation Awards Winner" by the NIA (National Innovation Agency).
รางวัลนวัตกรรมแห่งชาติ ประจำปี 2565
NIAWARDS : National Innovation Awards
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