Executive Summary
Vulcan believes that high-quality data will drive the future of AI. We intend to establish an AI company that focuses on "data." And to produce a high-quality data set, we require a high-quality data labeler and a cutting-edge data platform.
According to our research, people with disabilities have superior cognitive abilities compared to those without disabilities. They were naturally designed to be outstanding data labelers. With this conviction, we develop a cutting-edge data platform that enables them to perform at peak efficiency in the AI data sector.
Our data platform consists of: -
  • Unity Platform, a communication platform that prioritizes accessibility.
  • Linkage Platform, workforce and people management linked to our quota partners who support us with workforce quotas.
  • Collab Platform, a core data labeling platform designed to accommodate all types of disabilities.
  • Academy Platform, a learning and development platform designed to prepare the disabled workforce to be ready for onboarding as Vulcan data labelers.
Our disability workforces will receive a monthly wage (sponsored by our quota partners) and Vulcan tokens as an incentive. Our "Proof of Data Quality" blockchain will mint Vulcan tokens to reward disabled workers based on the quality and quantity of work done.
Once we have high-quality data sets, our researchers and AI scientists at Vulcan's Etna Lab will train them to create AI models. Once we have developed high-quality AI models, we monetize them by offering AI as a Service and AI products to corporate and retail clients.
Revenue from our products and services will be returned to Vulcan token holders, so incentivizing all Vulcan disabled workforces as token price increases in proportion to revenue generated by our AI. This creates a model for the sustainability of disablility workforces, as they will not only receive a monthly salary but also passive income from Vulcan tokens over the long run.
You can view Vulcan tokens as a form of representation for intellectual property that will be accumulated through time. The more data our workforces generate, the more passive income they will receive from intellectual property.
We believe we can improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and enable them to work in an innovative and rapidly growing industry. Furthermore, we will be able to propel the AI sector forward by utilizing the potential of people with disabilities.

Token Issueing

We will pre-sell 20 million (26.3 percent) Vulcan tokens at a price of 9.87THB per token. The estimated fundraising total is 98.7MTHB. The project is valued at 375MTHB in total. Vulcan Workforces are our most valuable asset (600 and rising at an exponential rate each year), not mention valuation of Vulcan datasets, Vulcan AI, Vulcan Platforms, Vulcan Products and Services (Edio Book, Depression Detection AI, and Home Automation AI).
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