Burning Mechanism

We focus on reducing supply inflation in the long run in order to make Vulcan token a deflationary asset and protect Vulcan token valuation for investors and holders of Vulcan token.
For the first few years, Vulcan token may be an inflationary asset due to the issuance of Vulcan tokens that will be rewarded to Vulcan Heroes in exchange for their data sets. However, as previously stated, the more high-quality data sets we have, the better our AI model will be, driving greater income and piling up Vulcan Reserve Vault.
Vulcan tokens held in the Vulcan Reserve Vault will be used to purchase Vulcan tokens on the market and burn them in order to diminish the Vulcan token supply. In the long run, Vulcan tokens will be depleted at a quicker pace than fresh Vulcan tokens are minted. Finally, after a few years, the Vulcan token will become a deflationary asset.