L&D Partners
Vulcan’s Partners regarding the Upskill and Reskill courses
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” - Helen Keller
We are well aware that Vulcan alone can’t realize our ambition as we are not specialized in every area. Working in collaboration with other potential partners is therefore indispensable in order to create decent courses for our PWDs.
Here are the lists of Vulcan’s partners and related activities:

AI and Data 101 Course

Partnership with Mahidol University

Originally, before the recruitment process to be an AI trainer at Vulcan, every candidate must participate in a training session about basic concepts of Artificial round intelligence. Yet, this session was not able to be conducted regularly due to the unavailability of the team. Vulcan Coalition hence decided to work in partnership with Mahidol University, also known as a university of wisdom in Thailand, in order to transform the training session into a well-structured online course in which students can acquire an introduction to AI from anywhere and anytime.
Overview examples of the AI and Data 101 course (1)
Overview examples of the AI and Data 101 course (2)

English for Possibilities

Partnership with Careerdemy and Thai influencers

It is undeniable that the English language plays an essential role in our daily lives as it is the most commonly spoken language in the world. Whether you want to boost your academic profile or develop your professional career, knowing English will definitely be beneficial. Vulcan Coalition acknowledges this importance and intends to empower PWDs with English skills via a project named “English for Possibilities”. At first, we aimed to create positive attitudes towards the English language and motivate our PWDs to practice this language, so we started the project by inviting several Thai influencers to share their English learning experiences and techniques and talk directly to our participants.
This activity was surprisingly overwhelmed with positive comments and compliments. As the proverb says “Strike while the iron is hot”, we then carried on the project so that our students’ learning energies would not be run out. This time we worked in partnership with Careerdemy, a group of volunteers specialized in various educational workshops, in order to offer online English classes to our interested students. The program happened virtually every Saturday for 3 months to encourage our students to practice their English skills both entertainingly and academically.

Basic Design Thinking and Leadership Courses

Partnership with SCB Academy

SCB Academy is a learning platform from Siam Commercial Bank that provides different personal development courses to its own employees. Thanks to this organization, our PWDs had a chance to improve themselves via Basic Design Thinking and Leadership Courses and also received a certificate of completion to be collected in their portfolio.
Examples of certificate of completion

Communication for a Better Life

Partnership with Creative Talk

After receiving a CSR budget from Mubadala Petroleum Thailand, Vulcan Coalition chose CreativeTalk as its partner to improve PWds’ communication skills. A two-day online workshop and a storytelling contest were organized not only to teach techniques of good communication to PWDs but also to give them opportunities to share the precious past experience that makes them become who they are in the present.

Low-Code Business Automation Course

Partnership with FutureSkill

FutureSkill is an online learning platform that offers numerous upskilling courses, especially in technology and business areas. They wish to support PWDs by offering a low-code business automation course as these applications become more and more significant nowadays.