Business Model

Key-Value Proposition

Efficient Data Workforces

According to Brain Rewiring Theory, PWDs are more productive than non-disabled workers on average. We trained them how to be AI trainers to help us build the best data sets. In comparison to our competitor, Vulcan’s business model enables us to obtain efficient data workforces on a modest budget. Our core strength is higher data quality at a lesser cost.
Read more about Brain Rewiring Theory and Neuroplasticity.

State-of-the-Art AI Models

In the world of deep learning, AIs learnt from the data and tried to understand the world through the data they have trained. PWD-managed data sets will be of higher quality, allowing our AI scientists to develop better AI models.

Social Driven

Vulcan's primary mission is to improve the quality of AI for business while also supporting society in solving the problem of PWD unemployment. Another key value proposition is the transfer of social value to our clients via our AI products and services.

Customer Segments

B2C, B2B and B2G

Our AI products and services are intended for B2C, B2B, and B2G sales.

Customer Relationship


We offer both B2C and B2B products and services; for the B2C model, we utilize online communication to create relationships with customers.


For B2B, we referred to our customer interaction model as "Partner to Customer," because all of Vulcan's quota partners are large corporations with more than 100 employees, and the majority of them are searching for ways to improve their business through the use of AI. We received PWD quotas from our quota partners in exchange for AI services.


To better our B2C customer relationships, we will develop our own AI automation to assist customer communication, such as chatbots, voice chatbots, and automated customer self-service.



For B2C, we mostly use the Internet to deliver products and services.

Partner Channel

We mostly employ direct interaction with our Vulcan partners for B2B.

Key Activities

Data Labeling

The Vulcan Coalition's most essential activity is data labeling. However, data labeling activities include not only data labeling itself but also reskill training, upskill training, and data quality control.


To create cutting-edge AI models, you don't just need a large amount of high-quality data. Moreover, we need to establish a research and development lab to explore and develop AI models based on those high-quality data sets.

Social Communication

Another important activity is social communication. While we are busy preparing data and building AIs, we must also communicate with the public to ensure that people, corporations, partners, and our clients understand what we have done and what we want to do. Share the value of PWDs in improving society and driving corporate innovation to them.

Key Resources

Vulcan Heroes

Our PWD workforces were called "Vulcan Heroes." They are the Vulcan Coalition's most important resources.


To develop AI models, we require powerful cloud computing resources such as GPU and memory. The more powerful the cloud computing resources, the faster AI models can be created.

Tech Team

We require the involvement of a tech team to assist in the development of a data labeling platform that is fully accessible to people with disabilities. We require an AI scientist team to assist in the development of AI models.


Quota Partner

Vulcan's most essential partnership is with a quota partner. They assist Vulcan by providing PWD workforces to work with us. (In the near future, upon fundraising, we will lessen this need by acquiring PWD workforces directly rather than relying entirely on quota partners.

Academic Institution

Another significant competitive advantage of Vulcan is AI development. We engage with academic institutions such as universities for cooperative R&D due to our limited resources in the start. To share our data sets and the university's expertise in deep tech and AI research.

Non-profit Organization and Government

With a strong social mission to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, we have teamed with a variety of non-profit and government groups to propel our business ahead. Training collaboration, online course development, data set support, funding, media and marketing communication, special projects, and much more are all part of this.

Tech Company

Last but not least, we received assistance from our Thai tech pals. They assisted us with platform development, training, and consultancy.

Cost Structure

Vulcan's key costs are: -
  • Learning and Development, to teach PWD workforces to unlock their potential as AI trainers.
  • Data Labeling Platform, we require a large technical team to assist with the construction of a Data Labeling Platform that is fully accessible to our PWDs.
  • R&D, we require an AI scientist team to assist in the development of AI models.
  • Cloud computing is an essential resource for training AI models.

Revenue Streams

We will offer a wide range of products and services, such as text-to-speech AI as a service, audio books, and home automation IoT. The revenue streams differ from one another.
  • Subscriptions are monthly fees for services such as Home Automation, an audio book (buffet package).
  • Customers will be charged on a per-use basis for services such as Text-to-Speech AI as a Service.
  • Customer pays for a product, such as an audio book, through product sales.