Value Platform
Performance Management Dashboard
Vulcan assigned group leads who are responsible for monitoring PWDs in their group to achieve the amount of work and quality standard. In order to monitor and evaluate individual performance, we invented the platform named Value for tracking the amount and quality of work. Value platform will calculate all data have been processed in each category as well as the number and name of the underperforming PWDS. Therefore, group lead will utilize these data to warn the underperformed one to improve their work quality.
Value platform will augment the proficiency of productivity management, since Vulcan productivity team could calculate the amount of work monthly, predict the capacity of the data production and manage the workforce to maintain their standard productivity.
This dashboard will show information following the criteria that the productivity team would like such as a chart of work time, a chart of coins or a chart of amount of work. The result will be displayed in a graph and a table.
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